we  specialize in beverage operations solutions and systems. Our goal is the pursuit of service excellence, driving sales and managing profits for our clients. Consistency and quality are the cornerstone to the success of any beverage operation. Through menu engineering and high-level training, we provide the operational development and systems to make your beverage program successful. Our expertise and unwavering standards have been recognized in the industry to elevate and inspire your staff in the luxury, casual dining, gaming and concession service categories.  


  1. Beverage consulting company serving chain and privately-owned operators since 1997.

  2. Opened, renovated or retooled over 300 locations domestically and internationally.

  3. Experts in improving quality, consistency and productivity in high level, high volume beverage operations.

  4. Leaders in developing comprehensive, sustainable beverage programs flexible for multiple outlets and chain growth.

Bar Starz International


For 21 years, we have maintained laser focus on beverage operations trends, performance and productivity. Efficiencies and ergonomics are becoming more important now that bars are decreasing in footprint, yet increasing in production expectations. We view the bartender work station as a “Cockpit” and believe your top 35 drinks produced should be within a “Triangle” that is one step and one reach from the cockpit. We work with our clients to maximize productivity and efficiency in a new or existing space.


  1. Our performance review also includes the quality and consistency of cocktails recipes, drink making techniques, portions and cost.

  2. Service excellence and exceeding guest expectations is always our top priority.

  3. Operations efficiencies for set up and closing are reviewed and measured.

  4. POS pricing format and beverage controls are deconstructed.

bartender skills review • consistency & performance • production efficiencies • lobby & pool bars


The best bars are designed by individuals that understand the balance between, design, drink trends and productivity. After a 10-year Bartending career between a 5-star hotel, TGI Fridays, Night Clubs in Ybor City and being crowned 1993 World Champion flair bartending champion, our designer has the expertise to layout bars to fulfill our client's needs. Taking into consideration the beverage strategy of our client, we can design the most efficient and productive bars possible.


  1. Recently we designed the Next Generation Pool/ Tiki Bar using all FRESH ingredients. All frozen and tap cocktails are served in 5 seconds or less and are batched for consistency and control.

  2. Craft Cocktail programs are enhanced with bigger drink rails, rinsing options and double juice racks for additional ingredient storage.

  3. All bar designs come complete with layouts in AutoCAD with supporting equipment schedule and MEP recommendations.

new, retro or refurbish • handcrafted and frozen cocktail layouts • drink machine experts • installation management


Very simple approach. The best ingredients make the best drinks. Whether you are creating a Craft Cocktail menu or signature Tropical/ Frozen drink menu, we believe in serving only the best tasting Signature Drinks using the best quality ingredients. Drinks should be designed with the proper balance which encourages session drinking. Frozen or “Tiki” cocktails, are now part of the summer cocktail menus. If you are in a warm climate and serve drinks out at the pool or beach, you should take your time developing the menu as you would at your lobby bar serving craft cocktails. Craft frozen cocktails can be made with fresh ingredients as well.


  1. Craft Cocktail menus should be a blend of spirits, flavoring agents, fresh ingredients and unique modifiers.

  2. Speed of service and cycle times should be considered when engineering the menu.

Tropical drinks should be original recipes using fresh ingredients when possible.

3. Garnishes are to enhance the visual impact of the drink and create a "WOW" experience while traveling through the restaurant or pool area.

handcrafted cocktails • craft frozen tiki drinks • drink menu engineering

craft frozen

Frozen cocktails at your pool and Tiki bars are the most underrated source of revenue at any property. Little to no time is spent on evaluating the operation, drink quality and production capacity. We are experts in aligning the expectations of the guest with the beverage strategies and sales opportunities of our client. Most pool and beach bars are in need of a drink quality and production upgrade. Increasing production while serving a better quality drink that doesn’t melt in the heat of summer will make everyone happy.


  1. Pina Coladas, Strawberry Daiquiris and Margaritas are always the top selling pool drinks. Make them AWESOME!!

  2. Drink machines will outproduce multiple Bartenders with blenders ALL DAY LONG!!

  3. Serving drinks at 22 degrees means your guest will receive a frozen drink and not cold soup at their chais lounge.

 4. Batching makes for consistent, high quality, cost controlled drinks.

pool & tiki strategies • drink machine programs • frozen & rocks batch programs 


Many people know the information, but not everyone is a trainer. Patience, timing and coaching are the outstanding characteristics of the best trainers. “It’s not what you say, but how you say it!” Witnessed it so many times. There is a technique that goes with the passion of being a trainer. It is not for everybody. We develop training and certification programs that align with the beverage operations strategies of our clients. Sometimes we train and sometimes we train the trainer. We offer beverage solutions that are relevant and sustainable. The training program and techniques are the tools we use to improve the Bartender skill set and ultimately the Guest experience. We create custom online certification programs that will measure the impact of your training program and maintain the integrity of your beverage standards and expectations. 


  1. We have opened or reactivated over 300 new hotel, restaurant, casino and stadium locations.

  2. Luxury, Casual Dining, Gaming and Concessions are all in our wheel house.

  3. 5 Star service to high volume rock concerts. We have the range. 

  4. We can train small groups of 3-4 Bartenders to larger groups of 100 Bartenders or more.

  5. We have the capacity and organizational skills to open casinos with 18 bars in 30 days.

  6. Hybrid, Jigger and Free Pour training applications are all available. 

bar & beverage training • manager, bartender & server • service excellence • beverage certification 


reactivations & new openings • restaurants, hotels & casinos • regional training •  refresher • consistency & production tune ups

Bar Starz experience with openings and reactivations is unparalleled in the industry. With over 300 and counting, we have the expertise and skillset to guarantee a smooth and seamless activation of your beverage outlets. We are able to assist in any capacity related to an opening or reactivation of your bar(s). From bar layout and design to drink development, training material, bar set up and training, we have the experience you need for a successful launch of your beverage operation. No job is too small or too large, too high end or too casual. Our range covers Luxury Casinos and Hotels to Sports Stadiums and Casual Dining. We have the staffing capabilities to cover the full gamut of any opening, set up and training requirements you may be challenged with.  Whether you need Bar training 101 or advanced practical training for high volume Bartenders, we can customize a training package to get your desired results. Our programs are guaranteed to motivate and challenge any bar staff at any level. When we are done, your bar staff will be ready to perform at the highest level. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.


  1. Complete turn key packages

  2. Pre Opening Development

  3. Smallwares & Consumable Specs

  4. Custom Bartender, Wine & Beer Training Programs

  5. Service Excellence Training

  6. Bar set up and countdown assistance

  7. Test Meal Coaching